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Hero's Journey Webinar

Looking to improve your email game?
Find out how I turn subscribers into lifers.
Get the secrets to writing a powerful auto-responder series, even if you're brand new to email.

You know email is the key to reaching more people and building stronger bonds with your supporters. But where do you even start?

Are you tired of looking at a blank word document while the cursor just sits there blinking, mocking your efforts? Maybe you've got something started, but you have no idea how to wrap it up. Maybe you've finished writing your email series, but nobodies opening them. There's got to be a better way.

Without a solid email strategy, you're letting opportunities slip through your fingers.

The key to success is a good email list. But it's not easy to build a list if you're not schooled in email marketing.

The problem is, most marketers hold their secrets close to their chests and only work for top dollar clients. And doing yourself, can lead to a lot of costly mistakes.

I've made most of those mistakes, and learned variable lessons along the way. I've also spent thousands of dollars on courses to step up my game.

Now, I can crank out email auto-responders without much effort at all. My open rates are high. My list churn is low. Best of all, my sales are increasing.

Here's the best part. In a few days, I'll be giving away all my secrets on writing your very own email auto-responder series, for free! Yes, free.

You'll discover:

- What makes people open emails.
- How to increase quality sign-ups.
- How to write subject lines people can't help but click on.
- The 3 biggest mistakes you must avoid in order to be successful in email.
- How to avoid the spam folder.
- 1 simple trick guaranteed to increase click-through rates.

And a whole lot more.

But you have to hurry.

There are only 100 slots available. So, only the first hundred people to sign up will get access to this free live training. And once it's been repurposed into a course, it will no longer be free.

Save yourself time, money and frustration. Write emails like a pro. Sign up for this live training, today.

One time Live training event.

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM - MDT

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