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Sell-Outs and Paper Chasers

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 11-22-2015

Anarcho-Preneur Episode 007

Why do we hate sellouts so much? And is it a good idea to sell out in order to cash in on a trend? This is a highly debated topic and business, and a subject that evokes passionate responses in fans and activists. This week, I look at why selling out can damage your success, and how staying true to your niche can make you rich.

Mainstream kills the spirit of all it touches. The more widely accepted something is, the less of powerful its staying power. We’ve all had a favorite band that went mainstream and made us lose interest. We’ve all seen “me too” products from companies that never seem to last. And we’ve all had ideas of cashing in on something, only to realize that the market for it has vanished the next week.

In this episode, I explore what causes us to chase paper, and why chasing it often makes it harder to catch. What happens when you pursue a goal that is only motivated by money? Lots of people seem to make a good living by pandering to fair weather fans, but will that success last?

I lay out why I do not recommend this type of business practice, and why I feel true success comes from working at what you’re passionate about. Watering down your message can destroy your mission. Trying to please everyone will ending pleasing no one. I show how you can see this in politics, in business, and in activism.

There are two types of success in business; short money, and long money. Popularity can lead lo poverty, but niches can lead to riches.

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