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How To Make Sure People Are OPEN To Your Message

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 11-29-2015

Anarcho-Preneur Episode 008

In sales, it's all about "closing" the deal. But, what if it didn't have to be? In activism, it's all about "waking people up". What if all it took was a gentle nudge? Here's a secret that most marketers know, and you probably don't; your target audience is more important than how you deliver your message.

In this episode, you will discover the secret to success when it comes to selling your ideas, services, and products. Here's a hint, sell to people that actually have a chance of buying. We break down the O-P-E-N strategy taught by copywriting genius Ray Edwards, and examine how it can boost your sales, and improve your activism.

If you're tired of slumping sales, If you're tired being told you're crazy when you tell people the truth, this episode could change all of that around. Make sure to give it a listen.

If you'd like to learn more about the O-P-E-N method, you can find a marketing explanation of it at Ray's website. Ray's OPEN Method.

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