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How to Set and Accomplish Your Goals for 2016

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 01-01-2016

Anarcho-Preneur Episode 011

Have you set some goals for 2016? Make sure you reach them. This episode is all about how to effectively set, and reach your goals.

A lot of us enter the New Year with lofty ambitions, and quickly fizzle out by mid-February. In this episode, I give you 10 tips on how to make sure that doesn't happen to you. With these 10 tips, you can achieve almost anything you set out to accomplish.

1. Know the difference between a dream and a goal. We all have dreams, only some of us have goals. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline. Dreaming can make us feel good, goals make us a little uneasy, which is why most stick to dreaming.

2. Goals should be outside of comfort zone. They should cause you to grow. Binge watching a season of Netflix over the weekend is not a goal.

3. Make sure not to overwhelm yourself with goals and then just give up. Although goals should help you grow, they should also be achievable. I try to set between three and five at a time, and have them all on different timelines, and even that seems like too much, at times.

4. Be specific, not vague. Loose weight or get rich or change the world, Not good. Loose ten pounds, or save 1000 dollars, or feed the homeless every Friday night, those are great, and actionable.

5. BIG ONE, write them down. Writing them down gets them out of your head, and into reality. It makes them more real, and more like to happen.

6. Review them often, daily or weekly. Put them somewhere where you will see them everyday.

7. Break them down into action steps. Have long term, but also have steps clear on how to get there. Often, if we don’t know the first step, we’ll never start the journey. Also important, Celebrate each step along the way.

8. Find mentors or accountability partners. People who already know the path, and can help you better navigate it. Fortunately, it’s easy to connect, and lot’s of people give their experience away for free on the web.

9. Share your goals selectively. Gets back to the dreaming part, sometimes talking about it will feel good, and substitute for actually doing. Some people will not see your vision, and shoot you down. But some people will lift you up and help you out. Share with those kind of people.

10. Don’t give up if you fail after one attempt. Commit. A mistake only becomes a failure if you let it stop you. What can you learn? Analyze and try again.

Want to learn more? Listen to the episode.

Happy New Year!

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