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Big Tobacco and Regulatory Capture

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 01-18-2016

Anarcho-Preneur Episode 014

Are the big tobacco and the pharmaceutical industries working together in an attempt to wipe out the fledgling vaping industry?

Eddie Mock, owner of Pandemic Vapors, joins me to talk about the smear campaign that is being waged against vapor companies and users. Eddie started his company after vaping helped him kick the habit of smoking cigarettes, and he wanted to help others do the same. But now, as vaping is taking a chunk out of big player pockets, his industry seems to be under attack.

In this episode, we look at some of the health concerns around vaping, as well as the safety risks involving children and addiction. Eddie does not play spin doctor about these issues. He addresses them in a straight forward manner.

In the latter part of the interview, we talk about why big tobacco and big pharma might want to see the vaping industry cease to exist, as well as what steps they are taking to insure it. As the old saying goes, as soon as what can be bought and sold is allowed to be regulated, the first thing to be bought and sold will be the regulators.

Eddie's website PandemicVapors.

Keywords: regulatory capture big tobacco vaping pharmaceuticals popcorn lung safety smoke cigarettes

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