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Overcoming Your Sales Aversion

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 01-25-2016

Anarcho-Preneur Episode 015

Do you believe in what it is that you're doing? Do you believe that your work has value to the world? If so, are you making sure that you are doing it justice by selling it properly? R.J. Parker joins me to discuss why so many people with great ideas, services and products seem to hate the idea of selling what they have.

If you have something that could improve the lives of others, I would think you have an obligation to put it it there. If you can sell it, you can reinvest that money in order to give that value to even more people. But so many people get hung up on sales, and so much great value is never allowed to enter the world.

We talk about the different ways to sell based upon your personality, how to overcome fear of selling, and how selling has changed with the information age. R.J. is an accomplished salesman, content marketer, and liberty activist. If you are trying to find success in any of these areas, this episode will be very helpful for you.

Keywords: content marketing sales style future media management liberty consulting

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