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Consumer Privacy in the Age of Digital Marketing

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 02-08-2016

Anarcho-Preneur Episode 017

Have you ever noticed how creepy digital advertising has become? It's like google and facebook know everything about you, and sell that information off to the highest bidder. Well, they kinda do.

In this episode, I talk with Brian Sovryn about online marketing and its implications on consumer privacy. As a marketer, I love how targeted my advertising can be. But as a privacy advocate, I get a little freaked out by how invasive it can be. Brian and I have a well rounded discussion about the topic, and throw around some ideas about possible solutions that don't come off as so Orwellian.

We also talk about the dangers of being so reliant on these platforms in your business model. Overall, a very thought provoking conversation.

You can listen to Brian's podcast at SovrynTech.

His website is ZomiaOfflineGames.

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