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5 Simple Steps for Getting to Yes

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 02-16-2016

Anarcho-Preneur episode 018

Do you ever struggle with getting people to see your point of view? Don’t worry, we all do. And the more abstract your idea, or the more expensive your product, the more difficult getting to Yes becomes. Fortunately, there are a few best practices when it comes to selling people on your services, products, or ideas.

In this episode, I go over some of the fundamentals needed for negation, for persuasion, and for winning people over. If you are tired of trying to convince people of things that could help them, and always hitting brick walls, the tips in this episode will help you escape that pattern.

The five simple steps that I cover in this episode are:

1. Not everybody is a good fit. Don’t try to make everyone love you, your message, or your product.

2. Don’t pull a bait and switch. Just be yourself.

3. Only fools rush in. Know how to take people from cold to warm, and from warm to hot.

4. Start with the easy Yes, work toward the harder Yes. Start where your maps overlay.

5. Treat people how THEY want to be treated, not how YOU want to be treated.


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