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Do's and Don'ts For Dealing With Depression

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 03-16-2016

Anarcho-Preneur Episode 021

Ever had one of those mornings where you just wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep all day? Ever had one of those weeks? I have. In fact, I've been having days like that for the last couple of weeks.

Depression. It can get the best of anyone. As an entrepreneur, it hits me. As an activist, it hits me. As a human being, it hits me. These last few weeks, it has hit me hard.

In this episode, I get into what I've been dealing with, and how I'm overcoming it.

I have 5 "Do's" and 5 "Don'ts" for dealing with depression.

1. Secluded yourself
2. Wallow in self pity
3. Hold grudges
4. Watch garbage television
5. Eat sugary, high carb foods

1. Exercise
2. Get sunlight
3. Count your blessings
4. Set smart goals
5. Eat healthy, fruits, veggies, proteins

For an in depth look at how to apply these habits, make sure to listen to this episode.

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