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Understanding the Rule of Reciprocity

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 03-21-2016

Anarcho-Preneur Episode 022

Have you ever felt obligated to do something for someone, merely because they had first done something for you? We all have. Well, unless you're a sociopath, that is.

Think of a time you wanted to say no to something, but begrudgingly agreed because you felt you owed it to the other person to say yes. Now ask yourself, has this way of thinking ever been used against me, as a way to manipulate me?

It probably has. But does that mean that the inert desire to give when we have received is a bad thing? Absolutely not. Most of us feel the need to repay debts and bring balance to the universe. This is part of makes the human race so prosperous.

In this episode, I get into understanding the nature of reciprocity, and what it means in todays modern world. You'll get a clear understanding of how it can be used to persuade people to buy what your selling, through what is commonly known as Content Marketing. This can be a great way of providing value before you ask someone to make a purchase, and we explore how to use this strategy in a moral way. But there is a Dark Side to this force, and we explore that, as well.

Some people, from big business, to politicians, to parasitic friends and family members, will use this knowledge to manipulate and control others. You'll discover how to determine when this is happening, and how to protect yourself from becoming its victim.

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