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Watch out for Tulip Mania

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 08-15-2016

Episode 034

Every once-in-a-while, people go bat-shit crazy over some new fad and completely lose their minds. They stand out in long lines to pay thousands of dollars for something. They flock to the newest shiny object and they throw money at it, hoping for a big payoff.

Beanie Babies, Furbies, next-gen video game consoles, the newest iPhone. Time and time again, people fall victim to Tulip Mania. Economic bubbles boom and burst, and most people end up with empty pockets and worthless investments.

This week, I talk with R.J. Parker all about Steemit. Is this the new gold rush, or the next Tulip Mania? We try to get to the bottom of the matter by looking at it from all angles.

It's a hot topic with a lot of heated debate. Were do you stand?

Keywords: steemit tulip mania shiny object syndrome get rich quick attention economy

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