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Ben Settle Blows Your Mind

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 08-21-2016

Episode 035

So, I hated email when I first started my first list. I'd sit and stare at the computer, with no idea where to start. I'd second guess everything I wrote. I even gave up on it for a long while.

I felt like a real lame-o.

Then I found this guy from listening to Tom Woods. His name was Ben Settle, and he makes email easy. He turns conventional wisdom on its head, and he gets results. And in this interview, he shares some deep insights on email marketing and a whole lot more.

• Ben explains why principles supersede tactics.
• Find out why being divisive and honest is the future of business.
• Discover the most powerful appeal you can make in marketing. (Hint; it's not self-interest, like most people think.)
• Get insight on how Ben makes a living working only ten minutes a day.

You'll also hear

• Why Ben Emails every day, often three or four times.
• How super-villains can help your marketing.
• Why Ben uses stories and how he turns them into action.
• Advanced segmenting tips, including how to test and launch products.
• Why education is not the best form of marketing. (And what really is.)
• And why now is the time to start your list, even if you're not selling anything yet.

All this, and a whole lot more.

Ben's Website

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