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From Victimhood to Victory

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 10-03-2016

Episode 041

At some level or another, we all have a certain amount of privilege and a certain amount of disadvantage.

Our life is like a garden, a plot of soil ripe for growing. By default, most gardens will yield flowers and produce. But all gardens will also provide a fair amount of weeds. And therein lies the downfall of most people.

When we spend all our time watering the weeds and ignoring the produce, our lives become a miserable prison of oppression. Victim hood unchecked, like wild vines, can strangle the life from your garden. And this understanding can be used by nefarious leaders to control you and keep you down.

But, this knowledge can be used to lift people up. You can take somebodies focus on their own victim hood, and use it to lead them to a better place. You can use the weeds in the garden to help bring about a healthy crop.

In this episode, you'll learn how to avoid the manipulations of victim mindset. And you'll also learn I how use it in my marketing to bring people to a better place.

This weeks FMS Spotlight:

Justin Parker Marketing

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