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How Microwave Popcorn Kills Your Chance of Succeeding

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 01-11-2017

People waste so much time chasing after instant results.

Maybe it's the microwave popcorn society that we live in. Maybe it's the dopamine effect of instant gratification. But I find it frustrating, to say the least.

I get emails like, "I wanna quit my job, but I need to be able to pay rent this month" and it drives me insane. I see ads on facebook of gurus standing in front of their rented cars, selling their new course. "How to make all this dough, for little to no work at all. Check out my ninja secrets. Joins my funnel today."

And I get why they do it. Because it works. It's what small minded people respond to. And those same people will fill the guru's pockets in exchange for this week's bright, shiny object. But they're buying empty promises. And after this instant solution fails, they'll be handing off their muhneez to the next guru for the next instant result.

It's maddening.

Here's the deal. I don't want those people on my list. Not my facebook friends list. Not my mailing list. I don't want anything to with people who waste all their time chasing instant results.

I don't believe in instant results. I don't sell instant results. And I don't do business with people who fall for that short-sighted way of thinking.

And even if you do find some secret hack that works for a minute, what happens when it stops working? If your whole operation is built on tricks, you have no foundation.

I'm all about building a strong foundation. Something that will last through the storm. But most people out there today are just looking for a coat of paint to slop on that will help sell the house faster.

Because it's a solid foundation that builds a house with living in. But if you build your house based off of the flashiest, newest wallpaper, you're living in a house of cards.

So, that's my rant. I'm not about paint jobs and wall paper. I'm not about microwave popcorn. I'm about getting the foundation right. I'm about investing my time and money into building something that will stand strong for the long run.

If you don't see the value in that, you probably shouldn't even be on my mailing list.

If you do see the value in that, then I've got some good newz for you.

I'll be running a free webinar, on January 23rd, laying out the foundations of any strong business model. No secret google hacks that you can exploit. No "sign up, and get paid when you sign others up" bullshyte. Just the foundations of how to build a solid business.

If you're of the investment mindset, and you see the value in doing things the right way - not just the fast way - then this webinar is for you.

Sign up over at the new FMS website. The link will be posted below.

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