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Why It's Better to Be a Celebrity Than an Authority

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 02-02-2017

No, this isn't an email about Trump, although, there might be some correlation.

I wanted to tell you about a time when I was in high school. I’d been kicked out of all the other schools in town, and was down to my last option. I was in the alternative school.

My classmates were all kids from broken homes, gangs, and youth correctional facilities. I fit all three, and even though I wasn't the worst among us, I still got into my share of trouble.

Anyway, we often had speakers come in to try and show us the errors of our ways. Church folks, doctors, business people and the like, all there to tell us we could do better. Always the same message. Always falling on deaf ears.

But there's one speaker that stands out. One message I can't forget. One story that actually got through to me. And that same story got through to a lot of my classmates, too.

It was in 1996, when we heard this story. They called us in to the lunch room, and we all took our seats. Then, in walks this beast of a man.

He was tall, like 6'3", and built like a tank. Dark skin, broad shoulders, and a broader smile. We all recognized him, instantly. After all, he had just beaten Mike Tyson and reclaimed the WBA title.

There, standing in the middle of our lunch room, was Evander Holyfield.

He told us a very familiar story. How he had been born into a poor family, the youngest of 9 kids. He talked about how he had grown up in a crime infested housing project in Atlanta, GA. And he laid out how he was able to overcome all that to become the man he was today.

It was a story we'd heard a thousand times. But this time, it stuck. This time, it made sense. This time, it made a difference. But why?

Why do I still remember this one story, above all the other ones we were told? Celebrity, that's why.

He was a celebrity. One of the biggest in the world, at the time. And that made it stick.

The same message, from all sorts of authorities in their fields, never made much of an impression. But, from the mouth of a celebrity? Well, it became a pivotal moment in my life.

It's also when I realized that celebrity was way more influential than authority. After all, I never listened to authority figures. But this celebrity somehow got through,

I didn't go on to graduate high school, or get my college diploma. In fact, I dropped out of school, just a few months later, and started working on turning myself into a celebrity. I founded a record label with my brother, and started preforming at concerts.

From there, I've hosted radio show, podcasts, and been a speaker for quite a few events. I've written a book, a comic book, recorded 4 albums, and been featured on over a dozen others.

It may not have been the conventional path. But I've been able to do more in my time than most PhD's ever get to. And I'm thankful for it.

But more than that, I'm grateful for how I've been able to help others.

I've been able to help people in bad legal situations get free. I've been able to help small business owners turn big profits. I've been able to help other musicians live their dreams. And all because I focused on becoming a mini-celebrity in my fields.

Almost every area where I've strived, I was self-taught. My success never came from accreditation, but from recognition. The reason I was able to make a name for myself, is because I focused on getting my name out there.

I don't have a degree in philosophy, but I'm always meeting people that tell me I changed the way they view the world.

I have no MBA, but I get hired to run marketing campaigns for million dollar businesses.

And I owe it all to a small bit of celebrity, and a lesson I learned from Evander Holyfield, over 20 years ago.

People will listen to a celebrity, before they will listen to an authority.

I feel like my message is important, that's why I podcast. It's a great way to create celebrity.

I want to get paid top dollar to do the work I love. That's also why I podcast. Someone else might be as good as me. But if they're not as well-known as me, I'm getting the job.

Celebrity. It's more valuable than any degree.

If you'd like to use a podcast to increase your celebrity status, I'd love to help. I can host your podcast, provide you a website, and make you look like a pro podcaster.

My company makes putting out your podcast easy, so you can focus on what's really important; building your celebrity.

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