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Tales of a Teenage Entrepreneur

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 02-05-2017

Episode 053

My first business was not very traditional.

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I didn't have Daddy's money to play around with. I didn't have venture capitalists backing my start-up.

I had a few bucks I'd saved up, and a product I knew people were buying. A product that I can't mention in the show notes, for legal reasons.

That was my first taste of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. And though I would never recommend this as a career path, it did teach me a lot about running a business.

And in this episode, I lay out the ten biggest lessons I learned as a street hustler, that carried over into my life as a legitimate businessman.

Put aside your condemnations, and hear me out. This episode is church.

This week's Free Market Squad spotlight.


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