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Success in Spite of Schooling

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 03-07-2017

Episode 056

Sir Richard Branson dropped out of school when he was 16.

In spite of this, he soon started his first company, a mail-order record retailer called Student Magazine. That company went on to become Virgin Records, and spawned a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

And believe it or not, this story is not that uncommon among self-made millionaires, even billionaires.

Many of the world's most successful people failed to graduate high school. From John D. Rockefeller to Henry Ford, history is replete with stories of success that don't include a high school graduation. Also as common is the college graduate who struggles financially and never escape the levels middle management.

The evidence is in, and it's rather damning. School is not the key factor to success. In fact, it might even be a deterrent.

How could this be? And how can you succeed, in spite of your schooling? Tune in to this weeks episode, and find out.

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