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So, You Built a Better Mouse Trap. Now What?

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 03-08-2017

I have two friends that sell hand-made jewelry.

These two guys have a lot in common. They both lean a little towards the spiritual side. They're both incredibly talented. And they both hate selling and marketing.

It drives me insane.

One of them creates wire-spun pieces that you'd see worn by surfer chicks on a long beach pier. The other makes elegant pieces of silver and stone, turquoise and opal, that would decorate those trying to get in touch with their inner native. Both of them are so talented. Did I say that already?

Here's where I get frustrated.

I see these guys put hours and hours into creating their pieces. They spent time and money creating these beautiful pieces of jewelry. And when they're done, what do they do? They take a picture of the final piece, post if on facebook, and type something like "$25, if you want one".

Hours and hours creating the product, and 30 seconds focused on how to sell it. Aghhh!

And do they sell anything?


Once in a while, a friend might by one, probably out of sympathy. But nothing that comes close to covering the time, effort and materials that went into making the piece.

What's the point?

The point is, both of these guys could be living off of their jewelry. The could be charging way more. They could be selling way more. And they could be making way more jewelry, as they wouldn't have to be working for other people all the time.

How could this be?

Selling. That's how.

If they just spent a little more time learning how to market and sell their jewelry, they could both be a lot more successful.

This is what I've learned in life; the world is overflowing with talent.

What separates the winners from the dreamers?

Marketing, that's what.

For every minute you spend on creating what you sell, you should spend five minutes on figuring out how to best sell it. But that's rarely the case. Like my two friends, the most creatives seem to think themselves above being salespeople. And thus, the world is filled with starving artists.

If you have something to sell, learn how to sell it. That's the point of this whole rant.

If you're gonna spend an hour on a product, don't spend 30 seconds promoting it. Don't let your entire sales message consist of one facebook post with a single sentence call to action.

Get some sales pages up and learn to write some good copy. Or hire someone that can.

Oh, by the way, I can.

It's what made Podcast Blastoff a profitable business for me. And if you have something you're selling, great copy can help you sell more of it.

Now, maybe you don't have the years it takes to master copywriting. I get that. But it doesn't mean you're out of options.

If you're already making sales, and want to make more, invest in a good copywriter, and that will happen.
Is that where you're at?

Are you at the point where hiring a good copywriter will be the leverage point you need to go from doing alright to doing great?

If so, then think of me first, when you decide to take the step into scaling up your sales game. And if you're already at that point, let's touch base and see if we can work something out.

You can find out more about my services, and how they can help you, by clicking the link below.

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