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How to Kick Ass and Take Names in Online Business

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 06-26-2017

Episode 065

Kevin Geary is not your typical health and fitness guru.

He started out as an out of shape karate instructor. Overweight, on the brink of major health issues, and wanting to quit his job, Kevin knew he needed some change. So he went out and found it.

He did the hard work of sifting through mountains of bad information on diet and exercise. He hacked his own health. He got results. And people started noticing.

People in his dojo started noticing, and wanted to know his secrets. So, as part of their training, Kevin started teaching them about what he was learning. As a result, he began what would eventually become Rebooted Body.

Kevin’s program flies in the face of what government health officials push on you. It ignores the advice of the diet industry. And it goes contrary to the best interest of the food industry. But Kevin has a great health, a great family life, and best of all, a healthy business.

In this episode, he lets out some of his secrets on what he eats, how he lives, and how he runs his business. You’re not gonna want to miss this one.

Rebooted Body

Six Figure Grind

Kevin Michael Geary

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