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How to Get Prospects and Leads on Demand

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 07-24-2017

Episode 067

So, I've spent a lot of money on "How To" courses in my day.

I go through all the modules, I get the skill, and then I'm stuck. Now that I have this valuable knowledge, how can I use it? Now that I can do this thing, how can I find people that need it?

I'm sure you can relate.

For me, it was a long, tedious process of reverse engineering what I had already learned. I knew how to help other businesses get leads, but how could I get those businesses to be leads of my own? And why wasn't that part of the training?

Well, that's what Alex Schlinsky does for people.

He helps them take their knowledge, and find people who need it. Then he teaches you how to turn those people into clients and customers. And in this interview, he drops some of his best advice for how to prospect on demand.

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