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The One Simple Trick to Getting Everything You Want in Life

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 08-23-2017

Episode 071

As a kid, I was pretty selfish.

I felt like the world owed me.

I was always concerned with getting my fair share. I was always looking to get more than I was expected to give. My biggest concern in any situation was "what's in it for me."

Even though we grew up poor, I was the typical spoiled American. I wanted free everything; money for nothing, and my chicks for free. That mindset lead me to chase false opportunities and burn a lot of bridges along the way.

But in my mid-twenties, I came started coming across a recurring message in a lot of the books I was reading. It was repeated by Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey and more. And when I implemented into my life, I saw immediate changes.

No longer was I chasing the things I wanted; they started coming to me. Struggles that had previously been an uphill battle were now becoming a walk in the park. It was a simple mindset shift, that altered my actions, and drastically changed my results.

Wanna know what this secret is? Then you gotta listen to this week's podcast.

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