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The Biggest Secret of Selling You Can Learn From a Conman

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 10-24-2017

Episode 078

Bad marketers try to sell features.

They talk about the horsepower of the engine. They talk about the square footage of the house. And they don't make very many sales.

Better marketers talk about benefits.

They explain what the feature means to the end buyer. They explain how each feature will improve the life of the buyer. This is a more advanced tactic, but it's still not the best one out there.

Some of the best marketers focus on selling the transformation.

They explain how your life will be changed by buying what they sell. They paint a picture of a metamorphosis that happens as a result of buying. Essentially, they're selling you a better version of you.

This is the highest level of selling... or, at least, that's what most marketers think. But they're wrong.

There's actually one more level of selling. The one thing that all people are actually wanting to buy. It goes beyond features, benefits, and even transformation. And it's the most important thing to get right, especially if your selling high-ticket items.

Want to know what it is? Well, you're gonna have to listen to this weeks BYOBoss podcast to find out.

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