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Why People Don't Trust You, and How to Change That

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 11-04-2017

Episode 079

People don't trust what you say about yourself... and with good reason.

You're not an impartial party.

But when you own a business, and you're trying to get the word out, this can be a huge hurdle.

You know you can improve their situation. You know you have the perfect solution for them. But when you just come out and say so, you're often met with skepticism.

The struggle is real.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be.

Did you know there are two very simple ways to win people's trust, even if they've just met you? One is something you can provide them that will make them view you as more credible. The other is something you can do that will eliminate any doubt they might still have.

If you know these two secrets, you can warm people up to what you sell in little to no time flat. Wanna know what they are? Well, you're gonna have to listen to this week's podcast to find out.

Keywords: gain trust overcome doubt

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