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White Privilege, Slavery and Capitalism

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 01-24-2018

Episode 087

I was born into poverty, and I escaped it.

I grew up believing a lot of self-limiting ideas. I saw myself as a victim. I blamed my problems on others. And I stayed stuck in poverty way longer than I had because of it.

Then, I started working my ass off. I built 3 businesses and ran all 3 of them into the ground. I learned some very expensive lessons, picked myself up, and started again.

And after years of being dragged through the mud, I finally started making some strides towards success... only to be told it wasn't my hard work and sacrifice that got me to where I am. But rather, it was my white privilege.

So, at the risk of losing a lot of listeners, I put together my response to that accusation and recorded this here podcast.

Behold, my thought on White Privilege, Slavery and Capitalism.

Keywords: liberal propaganda

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