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Virtue Signal Marketing

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 02-26-2018

Episode 090

So, you're trying to reach the younger market. You heard that social issues are important to the youth. So you figure, showing the kids how progressive you are, that'll help you connect with them. Right?


Virtual signaling is all the range in today's mainstream marketing world. In fact, it's almost become its own form of marketing. And if the big companies are all doing it, it has to be a good idea. Right?

Wrong again.

Like most things, if everybody's doing it, it's probably the wrong thing to do.

Some of us have been warning about the downside of Virtue Signal Marketing for a while now. It seems like we were on to something. But most mainstream marketing peeps still haven't figured it out.

Wanna know what they still haven't figured out? Then tune into this episode of The Nathan Fraser Show.

Christopher Priest Interview

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