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How to Turn Your Clients and Customers into Raving Super Fans

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 03-26-2018

Episode 093

How to Turn Your Clients and Customers into Raving Super Fans

Marketing is the backbone of building a business. But it's only the first step. After you go out and get new clients and customers, what should you do next?

For most business owners, the answer is to go out and get more new clients and customers. That means, more ad spend to cold audiences. That means more cold outreach. And it also means ignoring the one set of people who've already said they'll buy from you... your current happy customers.

New customers always require more advertising to win them over. Returning customers already know they like what you have to offer, so they only require subtle nudges to get them buying again. And what are those subtle nudges? How can you turn past clients and customers into raving super fans of your business? Well, you're about to find out.

That's what this weeks episode of the Nathan Fraser Show is all about. With a very special guest, Purdeep Sangha, author of the new book Super Fans.

Listen now.

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