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The Darker Side of Marketing

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 07-07-2018

Episode 101

Your actions are a direct result of your beliefs. So, if someone can control what you believe, they can have a lot of control over how you act. We see it every day.

The media from one side interprets a story one way. The media on the other side does the opposite. The two worldviews collide in a protest and the puppets play out their roles, just as intended.

But what if you could use this knowledge for good? What if you could direct what people believe in order to direct them to a buying decision? What if you could use psychology to improve their lives and fatten your wallet at the same time? Would you do it?

That's the question we dive deep into on the latest episode of the Nathan Fraser Show.

*Note: this recording was originally from Kevin Koskella's Freedom Lovin podcast.

Keywords: marketing psychology propaganda

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