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The Great Facebook Purge

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 10-16-2018

Episode 108

Just as one of my previous relationships was coming to an end, I dove in head first and made everything worse. The weird thing was, I was trying to make things better. But anger, spite, and jealousy took a bad situation and made it worse.

Can you relate?

As humans, we tend to double down on bad behavior. We try something, we don't get the result we wanted, so we double down and try it some more. After all, if at first, you don't succeed...

But, is this really the best way to approach life? Is it the best way to approach business? Is it the best way to approach politics?

It seems like everyone is doubling down on failure lately. Marvel Comics keeps losing customers. Democrats keep walking away. The women in my life keep leaving me. But why?

Why do we double down on bad behavior? What causes us to be this self-destructive? And how do we fix it before it destroys the things we care about for good? And what does any of this have to do with the recent Facebook Purge?

Listen to this week's episode and find out.

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