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Nationalism Vs. Globalism

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 11-26-2018

Episode 112

Recently, Donald Trump came out as a Nationalist, and the media had a field day with it.

Accusations of dog whistles abounded. People read into it whatever they wanted. Most of the left added a silent "white" to the beginning of the word, confirming what they've always thought anyway. But is this the case?

To some people, Donald Trump is trying to put America back on top again. To others, he's trying to turn the country into Nazi Germany. So, whose version of reality is closer to the truth? And what exactly is the difference between a Nationalist and a Globalist?

Both sides seem to view the other as evil, which is often how these things work. But do both sides have valid reasons for believing what they do? That's what this week's episode is all about.

Let's look at what drives both the Nationalists and the Globalists. We'll cover the political motives, the cultural motives, and the monetary motives.

Where do you stand? Are you an evil Nationalist or an Evil Globalist? Tune in and find out.

Keywords: trump globalism nationalism economy racism

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