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Automation and the Future of Capitalism

Published by: Nathan Fraser on 02-03-2019

Episode 118

The robots are coming to take your job. Pretty soon, everyone will be out of work. We'll all be dying on the streets as T-1000's dominate the workplace. Is all hope lost for humanity?

Kevin Koskella joins us to discuss politics, economics, and a bunch of other nerdy libertarian stuff. He's a successful swim coach, online business owner, and a pretty smart dude when it comes to politics.

Tune in and hear us chat about:

• How to scale your business into a passive income

• Why being a selfish business owner might actually be a good thing

• How automation will affect your business

• Will a Universal Basic Income save us?

• How to strive, even in a saturated market

• Why people are still attracted to socialism, even after so many failed attempts

• What the future holds for capitalists and entrepreneurs

• Why so many entrepreneurs come from the United States

• How Crypto Currencies might change everything

• Why you shouldn't fear the next Great Depression

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