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About Me

Hey, I'm Nathan Fraser. It's nice to meet you.

I'm a liberty podcaster, copywriter and entrepreneur.

I've been through my fair share of hard times. My siblings and I grew up on welfare and spent much of our childhood being homeless. In 2012, we lost our little brother at the all-to-young age of 29 years old. Shortly after that, our father and mother passed away, as well.

It was a tough couple of years.

But now, I'm trying to build a better future for myself and others. I'm an advocate of free markets and free people. Those values are a huge influence in my life and work.

From this site, I host my main podcast and my blog. You'll find lots of podcasts and blog posts. I cover topics related to freedom, free markets, and marketing. If you want to be your own boss, politically and professionally, you're in the right place.

Anarcho-Preneur is my newest podcast. It is the Nathan Fraser Show.

As I build my newest business, I am sharing my journey with my listeners. I am inviting people to learn along with me, the ins and outs of building a start up, from a liberty minded point of view.

I often cover issues like leadership skills, branding, marketing, and other related topics. By listening, you'll discover how these skills can improve your activism, as well as your business.

We also look at how some of these tactics are used for evil. Governments and snake oil salesmen have long known the power of marketing and manipulation. By learning these principles, you'll be better prepared to defend yourself from such conmen.

If you are liberty minded, and want to grow your business or activism, this is the show for you.
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I am also starting to collect my notes and thoughts on sales copy. I jokingly refer to this collection as the Church of the Invisible Hand. It is more of a collection of reminders to myself that I am making public than it is an actual blog. But you will come across lot's of useful tips and links to tons of great resources.

Basically, I'm just a guy that believes in freedom and striving for success in life. These values drive the work that I do here.

For a more in-depth auto-biography of who I am, you can listen to my episode zero by clicking here. If you are of like mind, then stick around. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast. And consider joining the Free Market Squad.

Nathan Fraser
Podcaster, Anarchist, Entrepreneur.

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